Post Covid School Opening : Preparation Tips For Kids

July 21, 2023

As there has been a decline in the number of covid cases, and life is coming back to normal, especially schools are opening up, it is a very pleasant and positive thing happening on one side but, on the other side, this has brought more anxiety and concern for the kids going to school. As children are still not vaccinated, those below 12 yrs, they are always vulnerable to catching covid infection easily as all other viruses.

Although, till now our experience has shown that children suffer only mild symptoms from the covid infection, still we need to be careful regarding the transmission of this highly infective virus. We need to follow these -

1. Don’t send your kids to school, to play areas, etc. if they show any symptoms of cold, fever, or cough. Keep them at home, which is necessary for them also and for the community also. Take good care of their diet, basic medicines, and hydration. If they take adequate rest they revive fast, it’s a matter of only a few days.

2. Ensure the masks as much as possible.

3 . Physical distancing, again, as much as possible.

4. Get your kids vaccinated for the flu vaccine, because it may give cross-protection to them against covid, as both are respiratory viruses.

5. Also, get them vaccinated for all other infectious diseases, which can now show outbreaks, like chicken pox, measles, typhoid, and hepatitis A.

6. Ensure your kids drink plenty of water, and fluids, in this season, do exercises, run and play, and eat a lot of fruits and salads, all of which will take care of their immune system.

Above all, consult your Pediatrician timely when your child is not well.

Author: Dr. Nivedita Kapoor

Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist