Own your cowin vaccination certificate

July 21, 2023

Are you one of them where one of your family members/ friends booked your COVID vaccination slot and all of you got the vaccination shot together? If so, you might have already encountered the below situation or likely to encounter in very near future, calling your friend/ family on whose mobile number the certificate ownership is currently, be it either before leaving your home or right from the airport or reception (office/ hotel) where you have to prove your vaccination status. And even worse what if the other person isn't available at the exact same time? You are left stranded and hope the person calls you back at the earliest.

So, how could you (have) avoid(ed) such a situation? By always maintaining a local copy of the certificate? May be, it may solve the problem temporarily but for sure will create problems in long term. Also, why even let someone own your vaccination certificate when you can own it yourself. Yes, you read it right! You can become the owner of your certificate by getting the ownership transferred to your mobile number. With that you can enjoy swift movements in this COVID era. And also you wouldn't be blocked on that person for your booster (precaution) dose shot, or the one after that.

So we at eka care have started a mission to get the COVID vaccination certificates transferred to their rightful owner. Okay heard you, enough of why it's important, let's get to how it's done. It's a very simple 3 step process. You can download our app on play store and app store and follow the below steps.

Step 1
(Ownership seeker) As someone who doesn't have the ownership, you request the current owner by clicking on Request Certificate and share your request directly with current owner via WhatsApp/ SMS.

Step 2

(Current Owner) The current owner of certificate initiates the transfer by choosing your certificate among the multiple certificate he/ she owns.

Step 3

(Ownership seeker) Accepts the certificate by authenticating ones own mobile number by OTP received from COWIN. Voila, now you have complete ownership of your certificate.

The entire flow has been built on cowin APIs. Thanks to cowin, we could create such innovative flow where today lot of users struggle to access their certificate because it isn't registered on their own mobile number.