Main benefits of ABHA Health ID Card

July 21, 2023

What is ABHA?

ABHA stands for Ayushman Bharat Health Account.

It is an account that is created under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to simplify health management and tracking. ABHA gives an ABHA address, ABHA number, and a consent pin.

ABHA address is used to enable the sharing of medical records with the concerned doctors or healthcare facilities. ABHA number is a 16-digit number that gives a unique identity to your card and the consent pin is used when you want to grant access to your health records folder to someone.

You can create the ABHA using or Eka Care website or app.

Main benefits of ABHA Health ID Card

Here are some ABHA card benefits -

ABHA stores your medical record securely

Your medical records have private data as well as it is precious for your health management. That’s why it must be stored in a safe and secure place where privacy can't be compromised. ABHA brought exactly that space for your medical records. Once you upload your medical records to your ABHA, you don’t need to care about its security at all.

ABHA let you easily access your health records

We need medical records at the time of consulting a doctor, monitoring our progress, planning a treatment, etc. What comes next is a treasure hunt of old reports and prescriptions, which often turn out to be disappointing. After all, we were never habituated to saving them properly at a place like we do with other documents. However, ABHA allows you a secure space to organize your medical records on your phone where you can easily access them.

Share your medical records with your doctors

If you also don’t like to carry a paper file of medical records to your every consultation, ABHA will solve your problem. Anyone can share their medical records with the help of the PHR address given by ABHA. It takes a few seconds and all your health-related files will be in the doctor’s phone.

Easy access to HPR and HFR

After creating ABHA, one can easily access to healthcare professional registry and health facility registry. It gives the compiled details of registered doctors and health centers. If anyone is looking for the right healthcare facilities in India, ABHA can turn out to be extremely helpful as it gives access to HPR and HFR.

ABHA helps in the prevention of serious diseases

Whenever someone says ”prevention is better than cure”. It hits like a cliche. Have you ever thought of taking a 1-minute pause and contemplating it? However, It is the solution to most of the health problems we might face in our late 30s. With the help of ABHA, you can track your health history seamlessly with your organized medical records and detect health issues at an early stage.


Well, ABHA is yet to get familiar among us but it has turned out to be extremely beneficial as per the current users. After all, it has covered all the crucial elements of health tracking by enabling a safe locker for your medical records. Now onwards your medical records need not be taken for granted anymore as ABHA would be there to let them reside safely.

Create your ABHA now and enjoy the ABHA card benefit.