How to Convert from paper records to electronic health records?

July 21, 2023

With the evolution of digital technology, there have been significant changes for the better. One of the benefits of the new technology was that you could now store data securely. In the earlier days, records and data were stored in traditional files, which gradually became unreadable due to deterioration. However, now you can store everything on your computer and simultaneously in secondary storage devices.

So, at any point in time, with just a click of a button, you will immediately get all you need. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, you can transfer data wherever you want. Hence, nowadays, every organisation has withdrawn itself from the traditional filing of records, and they have all become digital, which is safe and secure.

Difference between Paper vs Electronic in Manufacturing

Electronic data is safe, and you can access them at any point in time. However, records stored in paper gradually get damaged, spoil, and ultimately become illegible.

Following are the differences between paper and electronics in manufacturing.

  • Save money
    One of the prime benefits of storing data electronically is that it saves a lot of extra expenses. It is because the paper is expensive and needs to be more durable. Because of these, we all need to translate paper documents into an electronic format, which is safe and secure.
    Moreover, unlike paper, the data is not spoiled, and you can access the data according to your convenience. Furthermore, you will also save the extra cost of creating cabinets and purchasing files and folders. In the present genre, people are transferring all their paper records into digital form as it remains in the store safely.
  • Less storage space
    One of the prime benefits of storing data electronically is that it does not use up space except the space of your hard drive. In earlier times, old records used to be stored in a separate room.With time, most of the records used to get damaged. Moreover, it was a daunting task to find a particular record. It is because you need to go through the various records to find the one you are trying to find.
  • Environment friendly
    One of the prime benefits of storing data electronically is saving the environment. Using paper for storing data will not only take up space but will also pollute the environment. If you want to share some documents among all the business members, you have to print them using toners, printers, and similar things. However, if you share the document online, you save the cost and the environment.
  • Easy Editing
    One of the drawbacks of keeping the records on paper is that there is no chance of editing or modifying them. You have to use a separate sheet and copy all the contents again. Thus, you use up a lot of time and energy. However, if you use electronic storage, you can edit, add or modify the records at your convenience. Moreover, you can also share the data over the net.
  • Security
    When you use paper records, they can be easily stolen or damaged. On the other hand, electronic records are safe and secure as they are stored digitally. Moreover, you can set up firewalls and passwords to protect the data from unauthorised people.
  • No risk of Damage
    Unlike paper records, electronic records are not exposed to damage. You can access the data from anywhere worldwide; it will remain exactly the same as you left it. It is because all the data is stored on a computer or any other secondary storage device. Furthermore, it is not just damage-proof but also safe and secure, as you will have the passwords to protect your data from malicious activities.
    So, if you want to store your records securely for a longer time, it is better to opt for electronic storage. It is because it is environmentally friendly and will save you from unnecessary expenses. Moreover, you can access the data at any point and make necessary changes. Hence, it is one of the most efficient ways to store information for future use. ​
Convert from paper records to electronic health records

Why Handle Data Electronically?

Handling data electronically has several advantages. It is secure, easy to access and edit, environment-friendly, and requires less storage space. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider handling data electronically.

  • Electronic Data Storage Is More Efficient
    One of the prime reasons to convert hardcopy into electronic format is because it takes less storage space. So, it is better to start storing the data when you set up the system. Moreover, you can also scan and store them safely in the hard disk before they are damaged.
    You can also set your system so the data is readily available to the required people. It is therefore advisable to use your computer to store data as it is more efficient to find them.
  • Electronic Storage Protects Data
    One of the advantages of storing data electronically is that your data will not be lost. If you store data in paper form, it can face disaster. Moreover, since the paper is vulnerable to fire, water, and similar things, it can instantly get destroyed. You will not be able to retrieve data at any cost.
    Electronic data storage lets you take backup files anywhere at your convenience. So, even if it gets lost or damaged in one location, you can easily access the files from the other locations where you took the backup.
  • Safe and secure
    One of the prime reasons to store records electronically is its security. The primary concern with paper files is that anytime anything worse can happen. Because of this, companies prefer to store sensitive files electronically, especially on servers.
    Hence, even if one of the computers crashes, you can still retrieve the data from the server. Thus, you can save vital information about the company, as all your records will be in perfect order.
  • Electronic Da.ta is accessible for search.
    It was a daunting task to search any record when a traditional file storage system was used. However, once the world has become digital, storing and retrieving data is a cakewalk. Some special tools let you find and visualise the data with a mouse button.
    Moreover, if the records are stored in the computer in an organised manner, it becomes easier for the company to make vital decisions.
  • Easy accessibility
    Once you store the records digitally, it becomes easy to access the files with a click of the mouse button. Moreover, if you store the files in the cloud, anyone with permission can access the files without any hassle. Thus, even if you are not physically available, you can still work on the files for the company's betterment.

Steps to Shift from paper-based records to electronic records

When you change your entire filing system from paper to digital, it can motivate the staff. Hence, you must follow the proper steps while converting paper-based to electronic records.

  • Standardise Naming Conventions
    One of the essential steps to maintaining your file system is naming them. If you name the files and folders accordingly, you will get access to the records instantly. Moreover, it will help the other company staff locate and find any particular record without any hassles. Hence, before storing the files electronically, it is advisable to make a procedure of naming them accordingly.
  • Digitize Records
    It is a daunting task to convert paper files into digital format, and it is because you will have to scan the papers one by one and save them in such a format that it only takes up a little space.Therefore, it is necessary that when you get the services of the engineers who will provide you with the right software so that you can quickly digitise all the records efficiently.
  • Make the staff computer literate.
    When your setup is ready, you must teach the other company members how to use the new filing system. It will also motivate them, and at the same time, there will be less burden of work. You must create a culture in the company so that they update and store documents electronically.


Therefore, you must use the correct procedure to convert a paper document to the electronic pattern of 0 and 1. You have to digitally transfer all your paper documents into the computer and store them to be easily accessible to everyone. Electronic data saves time and energy as you can access any record instantly.


What is paper charting?
Paper charting is a method where you can store a particular patient's medical records in one physical folder. However, there may be hassles in searching for the documents later as they may be damaged or destroyed. Hence, nowadays, hospitals use ehr chartings, which means the data is stored electronically.

Is electronic storing better than paper storage?
Electronic storage is better than paper storage as you can conveniently save and retrieve records. Moreover, the cost of storing data is also safe and secure.

Is electronic storage costly?
It is a one-time investment if you want to store data electronically. Once you have the infrastructure, there is no cost involved.