Health Tech and Patient Engagement - An Indian Perspective

July 21, 2023

India is on the cusp of a health technology revolution. Gone are the days when doctors used to be the sole health information provider. The new generation of millennials is well aware about health issues, uses wearable tech with pomp, are health conscious, attends marathons, shares cycling and jogging statistics on social media on a regular basis and wants to exercise choices in treatment options.

Paradigm Shift

They will not hesitate in looking for health information online and asking questions to their doctor. Unless they are satisfied, they will keep digging more but if convinced, they will work hard to make treatment a success for their own and family’s good. This has led to a paradigm shift in the way patients are understood, dealt and treated by Indian Doctors. Now doctors are devoting more time in answering queries and explaining treatment choices to their patients.

Impatient Patients

Patients too on their part have grown more impatient, want quick results and change their care providers for trivial reasons. Healthcare providers now increasingly appear to be interested in engaging with their patients in a structural and professional manner.

A satisfied and happy patient is a free marketing tool with exponential benefits to doctors.

In this scenario the role of technology and software solutions come to the fore as a savior and enabler of systemic efficiencies to achieve better patient engagement and eventual retention.

Connect with your patients, Digitize your medical practice with Eka.Care
Connect with your patients, Digitize your medical practice with Eka.Care

What Is patient engagement?

Patient engagement has been defined in many ways by different people as a partnership in which clinicians engage and communicate with patients in their care and patients share in making decisions and managing their conditions.

It’s the way a doctor and patient work together on a continuous basis to improve health.

It goes beyond a single doctor consultation and is more like a relationship. Well engaged patients are not only satisfied patients but have better treatment outcomes.

Why is Patient engagement through Health-Tech platforms important?

  1. It helps Improve patient retention
  2. Ensures timely and prompt follow-up visits
  3. Technology tools eases burden on administrative staff
  4. Better patient engagements help improve patient outcomes
  5. It also helps improve patient satisfaction and thus word of mouth publicity
  6. Helps better communication between Doctor and Patient
Eka Care is an advanced connected care Digital Health Tool for better engagement between Doctors and Patients
Eka Care is an advanced connected care Digital Health Tool for better engagement between Doctors and Patients

What is Eka.Care is a Health-Tech platform enabling connected care for Doctors and Patients. It help doctors in building long-term engagement and trust with their patients and improve their practice. With its robust and highly secured doctor tool, is a necessity for today's practitioners.

A digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes.

How can Eka.Care help Doctors, and Health Care Providers better engage with their patients?

  1. Patients can schedule, cancel and reschedule their appointments themselves.
  2. Patients can share their medical records by uploading them on the platform.
  3. Doctors can regulate their practice better as they get visibility on daily appointments.
  4. Doctors can make a prescription in less than 30 seconds and devote more time to patient examination and diagnosis.
  5. Prescription generated via eka comes with detailed instructions around drugs prescribed in vernacular language thereby reducing time required to explain the same to patients.
  6. Doctors get a personal and secure teleconsultation tool embedded within the platform.
  7. Patients get automated reminders for follow-up visits
  8. Doctors get real time data on patients due on a particular day. This can help them track patients who have not yet scheduled their appointment.
  9. Patients can share their vitals with their doctor in real time thereby ensuring early medical intervention whenever required.
  10. Platform helps create patient profiles which further help in longitudinal tracking of a patient's medical journey.
  11. On top of this the data is completely secure and encrypted.

To conclude, patient engagement is going to be an important part of doctors practice going forward. Role of health tech platforms like may increase and with increased penetration of technology via smartphones, who knows, It may become an integral component of the patient care protocols too.

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