How to Change Phone Number of a registered member in CoWin?

July 21, 2023

CoWin allows having up-to 4 beneficiaries that is, up-to four members to be registered under the same mobile number. It is possible to book and manage vaccine appointment for all these members. Upon successful completion of vaccination, the vaccination certificate will be available to be downloaded with the same CoWin account, using which the booking was made.

Until now, if you were registered under a particular phone number, it wasn't possible to change the registered phone number. Not Anymore! CoWin has introduced the ability to be able to transfer beneficiaries from one CoWin account to another. This means that, if you are about to change your mobile number, and want your CoWin Vaccination details to be transferred to your new mobile number or if your vaccination was done under someone else's account and now you wish to get your vaccination details under your own account, it is possible!

Who are we? is one of the first healthcare platforms in the country to have partnered with Co-Win. The seamless integration with Co-Win has allowed us to provide facilities such as Booking Vaccination Slots and Downloading Vaccination Certificates, Linking Passport With Vaccine Certificate. We help solve your everyday healthcare needs by providing a platform for smooth Tele as well as Direct Consultation with the best doctors in the field, storing and sharing your health records securely, assessing your health and much more.

Follow these steps to transfer beneficiaries from one account to another:

⚠️  Caution: Phone Number can be changed only once for a beneficiary

Step 1 : Visit Change Mobile Number in Vaccine Certificate -

Step 2 : Login to your CoWin account which has the beneficiaries you wish to transfer.

Step 3 : Enter the six digit OTP you received from CoWin

Step 4 : Select the beneficiary for whom you wish to update the phone number.

Step 5 : Enter the target phone number, to which you want the beneficiary's phone number to be updated to.

Step 6 : Enter the Six Digit OTP you received from CoWin in your target phone number.

Step 7 : Once You Enter OTP Successfully, the phone number of the selected beneficiary will be updated to the target phone number!

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